I’m darned in more ways than one. 44 going on 16  and blogging about my escape from the Kingdom of my Wicked Stepmother (AKA binge eating and bulima). It’s never too late to recover. There’s the usual self-indulgent navel-gazing along with an occasional cute picture of sock monkeys…or zombies (yeah, I know—you have zombie fatigue. But I don’t!).  Bittersweet babbling, vegan stuff, philosophy, pop culture rambling, heavy metal, vampires, coffee, breaking shit, books, girly crap, B-movies, bad Catholic jokes, half-assed critiques, recovery, and some 19th century goth girl love. Although I blog about being a member of an anonymous group, the opinions expressed here do not represent OA or AA as a whole. Or at all, actually. Just the irreverant and frequently f*cked up opinions of one person fumbling along the best she can with this way of life. Principles before personalities, b*tches.


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