I am STILL sick. Really sick. Had to leave work yesterday early, and then crawled into bed. Worked a few hours from home and now I am about to crawl back into bed again. My immune system is either majorly malfunctioning, or I am majorly detoxing. I had just gotten over a cold the week before the Immersion, and now this is cold #2 in less than a month. Still abstinent, still not drinking coffee, still going strong. Much love to my Ladies of The Nute, and hello to all of my new blog followers! I will be back with less whining soon, I promise. In the meantime, you have John Joseph from the Cro Mags to keep you warm.



  1. So, so, so SO proud of you for remaining abstinent (food AND coffee) even while sick!!!!!! Now, that said, rest up and get better soon, girl! XO

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