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One of the things I realized at the Immersion was that my sleep problems frequently drive my desires to binge. And that my coffee intake feeds my inability to sleep, and then I am laying in bed feeling hungry, wanting to eat. And when I used to drink, my sleeping problems completely excused the fact that I was drinking myself to sleep every night. I think I spent the first two years of my sobriety just not sleeping, ever. And AA coffee didn’t help!

Today is day nine with no coffee, whoo hoo!!! Just herbal teas. I made myself some green tea, and I was scared to drink it. I am still having problems falling asleep. I know it’s going to get better, but I just have to push through. Lately I have been envisioning my Higher Power speaking to me in Samuel L Jackson’s voice and telling me, “Go the fuck to sleep!”

I think that I have a cold. I thought it was allergies, but it’s not. Maybe it’s detox? Who fucking knows? In any case, I have literally blown through a box of kleenex today and I can barely breathe. I’m having soup and salad and a piece of toast right now, and I can’t taste any of it! I was just going to do smoothies today, but I am really having the urge to just CHEW something even though I can’t taste much.

I watched Supercharge Me on Youtube last night—a short little movie about a woman who decides to go raw for 30 days. I had done 100% raw for an entire summer in Florida once. Not sure why I stopped…probably due to alcohol and coffee and binge eating (surprise!). I was feeling really good, and then who knows what happened? I do like the fact that when I am ETL compliant, I am about 75% raw. There’s some interesting things in this film, although I love how everyone sidesteps the B12 supplementation question. Just take some fucking B12 already! And some iron. Geez. Cherries probably aren’t going to cut it. Sometimes the overt fanaticism and compltely unscientific behavior of the raw foodies gets me a little aggravated. Although I”m very woo woo in a lot of ways, I like how Dr. Fuhrman uses science and research to suggest the best ways to eat. Like cooking your mushrooms and tomatoes. And not eating a massive amount of raw spinach because of the oxalates.

OK, back to bed. Calling it a day at work and getting some rest.

Here’s the link to Supercharge Me if you are curious:



  1. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well! I’m guessing that if you have a cold, it’s probably detox related, somehow. Congrats on 9 days without coffee, and sticking with the abstinence after immersion, even when your body isn’t giving you the easiest time right now. I haven’t watched Supercharge me yet. I was 100% raw for a summer once, too (2009?), and felt pretty damn good, but I also feel good when I follow ETL. People who ignore science are one my biggest pet peeves EVER. Drives me nuts. Which is why I love Dr. F so much. I am so grateful that he references research and is willing to change his recommendations based on the latest findings.

    I hope you feel better very soon! Until then, take care, fluids, rest, netflix 🙂

  2. NINE days of coffee abstinence!!! That is INCREDIBLE! So, so, so proud of you. I do wish you felt better, but take gentle care in the meantime. I wish I had a great sleep book to recommend to you. The two things I do know that help: 1) a regular, consistent night time routine, and 2) not using any computer/phone/etc screens for about an hour before you go to bed. They fuck with our brain waves and the backlighting interferes with sleep chemicals.

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