Well, I am back from the Immersion and still abstinent and going strong. It was definitely strange to come back, and it went by so quickly! No coffee for 8 days now!  I haven’t been doing much exercise, because I have not been feeling good. It’s hard to do yoga when you can’t breathe and you are exhausted. I still have zero energy,  I got my period a week early (that explains a lot) and I am either having wretched allergies or I have another cold. I am just going to rest and stay away from the crap vegan SAD stuff. Luckily, I have no appetite for anything right now, period. I’ve been living off of green juices and a fabulous two lentil chili that I made courtesy of I might just have a green smoothie and some miso broth and take a handful of benadryl and call it a night. Happy Tuesday, Ladies of the Nute!


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