Day 6: Q & A #2 with Dr. Fuhrman

This is our last question and answer with Dr Fuhrman. We are doing a round table for the whole group with what issues you have individually and what is your plan for success when you leave the Immersion.

The bean question came up in the Q &  A session (Hello N!). And indeed,  the answer was to start with the smallest amount possible twice a day, chew it thoroughly and continue doing this until the digestive issues and your gut bacteria have normalized. I was hoping for a different or new answer but alas this was not the case.

Dr Fuhrman told us that he does not like to eat two salads a day. Yes! This made me feel so much better. He said that many times with dinner he will eat raw veggies with a dip or lettuce wraps and some cooked food.

One of my coworkers asked about food addiction and bingeing on healthy food,  like almond butter,  nuts or beans.This is a direct quote from his answer: ‘For some of you who are food addicts,  your decision making in the past has not worked for you. Your decision making is a mixture of your intellect, your addiction, your instinctive food drives and the environment you were raised in. Let me decide what you should eat,  let me make the decisions for you–just do this exactly. Don’t think anymore. ‘ He emphasized the importance for food addicts of not eating between meals,  eating the three meals a day and only eating nuts, seeds or beans with your meals. Make sure you eat until you are full and satisfied. And don’t try to think your way out of your addiction. Follow the Nutritarian rules,  and don’t think about it. He also said it takes most people 4-6 months of total abstinence before they start to feel true hunger. He emphasized total abstinence repeatedly for food addicts. He said moderation is a myth,  and that moderation kills more people than anything.

I ate breakfast today with Dr Fuhrman and Randi Carbone,  one of the addiction counselors. I brought up how my mother raised us with a lot of healthy food, and we were not allowed to eat sweets or junk food. She policed my food rigorously, and started trying to put me on diets are age 7. Dr Fuhrman said the way to talk to children about their food is first and foremost to involve them in the process and tell them you are making these changes out of love. Ask them what they would do if they were the parent? And we talked about rebellion and defiance and addiction. It was very interesting. I thought about how I could incorporate this idea into my self-talk. Again,  it all comes back to love.

I’m happy to report today that I no longer feel like a vegan zombie. The coffee withdrawal is getting better. Still  tired,  but don’t feel like killing people anymore.

OK, more later! Happy Friday,  Ladies of the Nute!



  1. Wow. I’m going to be reading this one over a few more times, I think. Lots of good information here – and to think, you literally got it straight from his mouth! So glad you’re no longer murderous. XO

  2. Like R said, WOW. I love what he had to say about food addiction. It’s pretty much what he said in EOD, and it’s so true. Interesting as well about the 4 months of abstinence for true hunger to show up.

    Congratulations on surviving the coffee withdrawals. You are amazing! Have a safe trip home.

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