Day 5: Cooking Demos

We had another exercise class with Dr Fuhrman today. There was crazed jumping around to Rhianna. My roommate turned to me and said,  `His grandchildren are going to love him! ‘ He was cracking all of us up.

Today has been mostly about learning to cook and plan meals,  Nutritarian style. I’m watching a cashew mushroom stroganoff cooking demo right now with Chef James Rohrbacher from Chicago. This stuff smells amazing!!

The second recipe he demonstrated for us was the Banana Cocoa Muffins that we had for breakfast this morning. They have beans AND greens and you would never know! They were super yummy. I had some almond butter on top and freshly made hemp milk with them and it was sooooo good.

Here were some new things I learned today :

~do not damage the skin of mushrooms by scrubbing at it with a brush. The primary source of flavor is in the skin. It’s better to wash them thoroughly in water instead of scrubbing them.

~browning with water: keep the onions covered,  and occasionally add a little water until the onions are browned. Don’t let them burn.

~Dr Fuhrman also showed us how to cut, prepare and steam an artichoke. That was very helpful! I’ve never been able to figure that out on my own.

~We learned about different kinds of bean pasta today. The cashew stroganoff uses mung bean fettuccine. James recommended a brand called Tolerant Pasta that has black bean and red lentil pasta.

~Cocoa powder: be careful about brands,  as they can be contaminated with lead. He suggests using reputable brands only, like what we would carry at Whole Foods. He suggests unsweetened non-Dutch processed Cocoa,  and not raw cacao. Dutch processing removes antioxidant content.

~wilting fresh spinach for the muffins:
Run hot tap water over the spinach and let it sit for ten minutes. Then press the water out and it’s ready to go.

~you can freeze everything in the Cashew stroganoff recipe except for the noodles. Tofu does not freeze well, so you can’t freeze tofu-based dressings,  but you can freeze nut-based and avocado-based dressings.

~Chef James told us that we can use the Broccoli Cauliflower Cheddar soup on the member center to make Nutritarian Mac and cheese. The base from the soup can be used for the sauce. He suggested leaving some of the liquid out to make it thicker,  and use one of the bean pastas for the macaroni.

More later–it’s time to take our group Immersion photo!



  1. (Whoops. Messed up on my first comment with the identification/name thing. Don’t post it! I’ll re-type it here):

    You and your live blogging seriously rock my world! 😉

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