Day 4: Q & A with Dr Fuhrman, part one

We had an open Q &  A with Dr Fuhrman today. Here’s some notes and highlights:

~Arterial plaque can go away with a Nutritarian diet. He’s seen people with occluded arteries be completely free of blockage after two years on a Nutritarian diet.

~Gaining weight rapidly is a huge risk factor for a heart attack because of the soft plaque that forms in the arteries during weight gain

~There was a lot of (snore) discussion about supplements, particularly the specific ones that are recommended for Nutritarians: EPA/DHA,  Vitamin D3 and B12 and Zinc in a low dose. Since I used to work for a supplements manufacturer,  I kind of dozed off during this part. Take these things, vegan peeps. And add kelp to your foods.

~Sodium: our kidneys get better at holding sodium the longer we stay on a low sodium, Nutritarian diet. It takes a few weeks for us to adapt. The adaptation to a *high* sodium, non-Nutritarian diet ages your body and makes you more likely to have autoimmune issues and allergies (!).

~Eating For Your Blood Type: ‘do you eat for your eye color? Or for your Mother’s maiden name backwards?’ Hahaha! He said there’s no one blood type that is immune to heart attacks or cancer if you are consuming animal products.

~Juicing : he prefers blended salads/green smoothies to juicing,  unless you are dealing with specific health issues. He would prefer that juices not be heavy on fruit due to the glycemic load.

~Protein powders: Dr Fuhrman said rice,  pea and hemp are more desirable because they do not raise IGF-1 like whey and soy protein isolate do. He doesn’t think we need these soy-free vegan protein powders, but if you wanted to add them occasionally it would be acceptable.

~Hypothyroidism and Hashimotos : this was my question! It was hard to get one in edge-wise. I asked if he had seen patients heal and get off medications,  and he said that unfortunately once patients have been on medications for a long time or they are older they can’t get off of the medications. He has had success with people healing when they are young and he sees them when they are first diagnosed. The cruciferous vegetables and the thyroid question came up, and he said there are zero studies that show that people have ever developed Hypothyroidism from eating crucifers. You would have to eat an unnatural amount of raw crucifers. It would pretty much have to be all that you were eating!

I have more Q &  A to type up,  but I’m going to take a break and go chill out for awhile. Happy Wednesday,  Ladies of the Nute!



  1. Interesting about the high sodium diet leading to AI and allergies. Now I have to do some research on the pathophysiology behind that. Also good to see him debunking that cruciferous veggie vs thyroid thing. I do love Dr. F for sticking with the research.

    Happy Thursday, Q! I hope your caffeine withdrawals are started to subside a little? Enjoy the rest of your week at immersion!

  2. I was just going to ask about the caffeine withdrawal as well. Also, I’m so curious, as you near the end of your week there, how a week of having Dr F feed you feels – physically, emotionally. And if/how you’ll make any changes to your regular routine at home because of it.

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