Day 3 in Fuhrmanlandia

I still have the worst headache ever. Coffee detox suuuuucks. I saw a man in the hotel lobby with coffee and I wanted to mug him.

I thought I would include some of my notes from yesterday’s lectures for my ladies of the Nute. Straight from Dr F:

~sprouting beans increases vitamin content but decreases resistant starch,  which is less beneficial for weight loss.

~`Animal protein,  sugar and **caffeine** feed toxic hunger’—- a direct quote. Sigh.

~Resistant starch in beans is broken down by bacteria in the gut and converted into short chain fatty acids called butyrates. Butyrates promote fat burning.

~`you cannot escape from the laws of biological cause and effect ‘

~When your body is micronutrient deficient, the brain is stimulated and tells you to eat more

~Dr F mentioned two words repeatedly yesterday : abstinence and cocaine . He frequently likened the dopamine surge from binge eating to the high you get from cocaine,  which is also involved in a dopamine surge. He said that people need to abstain for a long enough period of time from addictive SAD foods to stop experience cravings. He said in his experience,  it takes
about a year for most people.

~He also mentioned that he’s filming a brand new show for PBS called end Dieting Forever. The filming is with a live audience in NY at the end of April,  and will be airing in August. He said we could call his office if we wanted to go!

More later… I will be live blogging from my phone throughout the day,  and I can’t save drafts so I’m just going to post periodically



  1. I love all of this – especially your commitment and dedication to blogging via your phone! You are a nutritarian rock star soul sister! XO

  2. I’m loving your updates and the info you’re passing along. I’m also super impressed that you’re quitting the coffee. Hardcore, my friend. I think of you many times throughout the day, and feel excited knowing that you’re hanging out with Dr. F. Thank you for keeping us in the loop!

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