Day 2: `Anything Too White Has Gotta Make You Nervous’

During our first lecture with Dr.  Fuhrman, he talked a lot about baked goods. This is something I need to hear,  especially since I’ve noticed how much my mood changes when I eat a lot of baked vegan crap . 

`The consumption of baked goods is linked to depression and decreased intelligence… baked goods make you unable to concentrate and cause aggressive behavior. ‘

The other great quotes were,  `Anything too white has gotta make you nervous’  and,  `The whiter the bread,  the faster you’re dead’.

Damn I’m going through some gnarly caffeine withdrawal symptoms right now. I’ll be back with more later!


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  1. This is good stuff! I can’t wait for more! Also, can you sneak peeks at what Dr F’s plates look like at each meal? Has he ‘lectured’ about not going crazy with the unlimited buffet options? Also, please do tell more about the caffeine withdrawal and how you’re coping. I have so many questions! XOXO

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