Day 1, Dr Fuhrman’s Immersion!

I’m here,  and I can’t believe it! Unfortunately,  I’m blogging from my phone as I’m too broke to shell out for hotel WiFi. Although I have to say: how awesome is it that we can blog from our phones? Technology is bad ass! 

I checked in and got our weekly itinerary and it is jam packed. I’d seen the basic schedule last week,  but wow–we’re going to be busy. The best thing of all? They gave me the menu and the food looks RIDICULOUS. Like,  slap-your-momma amazing. Check it out:

~Two different kinds of salad dressing : creamy apple pecan and Caesar 

~Black beans quinoa soup

~Vegetable loaf with chickpeas and mushrooms 

~Roasted vegetable pizzas

~California creamed kale

~Broccoli with roasted garlic and shallots

~And… Wait for it… carrot CUPCAKES with cinnamon raisin frosting!!! 

Nutritarian pizza and cupcakes tonight. Um,  yeah! Twist my arm,  Dr. Fuhrman! 

My roommate is working out in the hotel gym,  but I decided blogging,  a little Astana yoga and some meditation would be more my speed. 

I will be back later,  Ladies of the Nute ! 



  1. I really, truly can’t tell you just how happy I am for you that you’re there! What a fabulous opportunity, and you are so SO deserving. I seriously can’t wait to hear ALL. Seriously, all. Including hyper nutritarian weirdo exercise. XO

  2. I’m so excited for you! And to hear about your experience! The menu looks amazing. I’m having my green smoothie this morning and cheering you on. I hope you have a fantastic time, full of fun, delicious nutritarian food, new friends, and lots of good info from Dr. F. 🙂

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