sick sick sick

Well, I caught my coworkers cold. Better now than during the Immersion! I *knew* I shouldn’t have had that massage on Friday—massages when feeling like I’m getting sick are always a bad idea.  Like stirring up a bucket of snakes with a stick.

My plan for today is to rest and take good care of myself. I bought green juice and some soups for myself yesterday, and I am going to just eat light and take it easy. No crazy ass epic chewing of salads today. I seem to remember N saying that Dr F recommends lots of juices and blended foods for autoimmune issues, so that’s the tactic I am going to use today. There’s no need to binge today….eating SAD vegan crap will not make this cold go away faster, nor will it make me feel better. Instead of having one problem (a cold), I would have two: a cold and the nasty binge hangover afterparty. And believe me, this is not the kind of afterparty that anyone wants to attend. I was watching the Queens of The Stone Age video above, which I’d never seen before, and the ending shot is so, so me at the end of a binge. Half dead on a pile of food, still trying to stuff it in. Not today. I’ve got lots of help today, and I am using all of it. In fact, I think I am going to read Super Immunity in bed today…perhaps I will be back later with some tidbits of wisdom from Fuhrmanlandia.



  1. I hope your cold goes away quickly! Dr. F does say that blended foods and juice are the easiest to assimilate for nutrients, and speed up healing. I agree with what you said about green juices in your last post. The more, the better! Unlike salad, which I can only take so much of, I can drink unlimited green juice. Or I haven’t had the pleasure of reaching that limit yet.

    I have a new mantra that’s been helping me, “I am healing”. I say it over and over again when I’m starting to feel urges, or find myself faced with a bag of carrots vs a bag of tortilla chips. I tell myself “I am healing” and then use that to make the most healing choice. So far, it’s worked like a charm. I hope you get everything you need to heal whatever crud you got from your co-worker! And I hope your mouth continues to heal so you can easily chomp chomp some salads without getting sore.

    Enjoy Super Immunity! The new one comes out on Friday! So excited to dive into it.

  2. So not glad to hear you’re not feeling well, but so super glad to hear you’re offering yourself everything that will support feeling better soon. My very simplified guess about why smoothies/blended food work well for healing is that so much of the work of digestion is already done (by the blender), so that frees up your energy from working on digesting to working on healing. I’ve no idea if that’s actually what the deal is, but it seems to make sense to me.

    If you read anything from Super Immunity that stands out to you, please do share! It’s been a while since I’ve read that one. I think I mentioned before, but the one big thing I took away from that book (which, ultimately, I think was a very minor part of the book) is the power of pomegrante seeds.

    I ditto NG: I’m so looking forward to the new book coming out! We can have a little book club with it!

    Big feel-better-soon hugs and love, XO

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