green recovery

I was listening to the Our Hen House podcast (great vegan podcast on Itunes if you haven’t heard it—Jasmin Singer is a Nutritarian, too!) and they mentioned a blog called Choosing Raw. I checked it out, and they had a section called “Green Recovery” that was really cool.

“Some of the traditional attitudes within recovery circles maintain that any sort of strong selectivity about food (such as eliminating animal products from one’s diet) or overt emphasis on food’s significance is inherently at odds with the recovery process. I disagree. My goal with Green Recovery is not to suggest that veganism is the right choice for all disordered eaters, or that it’s a “cure” for disordered eating, but rather to explore the notion that a world view in which food choices have political, ethical, and personal significance may actually heal, rather than hurt, people with traumatic histories with food.” 

There’s a list of people’s stories about veganism and recovery. This is a fantastic resource for anyone out there who wants to lead a compassionate, vegan life, but also struggles with an eating disorder.  I can’t wait to read more of them. If you are interested in checking this out, there’s a link below.



  1. Choosing Raw is one of my top five favorite blogs, and Gena is absolutely one of my favorite writers! If I had any idea you weren’t familiar with her work, I would’ve recommended her site to you a long time ago! She is absolutely inspirational to me, and I am always so appreciative of just how thoughtfully and intelligently she discusses ED issues.

    I don’t know if you remember this post of mine ( , but it was inspired (and quoted) from one of hers. She did a whole series recently (the post I linked to is one of them) for National Eating Disorder Awareness week that I highly recommend.

    Oh, and she’s a yogi! You should totally read her yoga/recovery posts, including this one she did for mindbodygreen:

  2. I second what R said about Gena. She is fantastic. I had the pleasure of meeting her, along with Jasmine & Mariann (OHH) at an event this past summer. They are all as awesome and down to earth in person as they are in their work. I’m glad you posted about the green recovery series. I haven’t read all of them, and think I’ll hop over there and see what’s new. I find them to be comforting when I’m struggling with my process.

  3. We have a Gena sighting! Queen, you ARE the queen 😉

    Gena, I feel like we were talking about you and you came up behind us and heard everything. . . ! Thank god it was all good (though I’ve no idea what else it would be, with you!).

  4. Gena, thanks so much for stopping by my crazy little blog! I love Choosing Raw and I’m looking forward to doing more exploring. That Green Recovery section is immensely helpful, and I think it’s a great resource for the many people out there who like myself, want to live a compassionate lifestyle but struggle with an eating disorder.

    And N & R—you guys rock. Thanks for all of the support, every day in every way…

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