last time I checked, hostage negotiator is not part of my job description

2/21/2014 post—got busy at work and forgot to publish this!

B green smoothie, 1 slice ezekiel toast with almond butter, coffee// L big ass salad: grilled peppers, onions and mushrooms, edamame, bokchoy and mixed greens, avocado, garlic tahini dressing//S if hungry, hummus and baby carrots//D green juice, apple, taco (tentatively)

action plan: literature, prayer, meditation, journal/blog, sponsee step work, AA meeting, be a worker among workers, put in some serious time on the cross stitch for my friend’s birthday.

I was thinking today about how much time I waste trying to negotiate with my addiction. It makes me laugh. I hear sponsees do it all of time, and I absolutely recognize this in myself. Take a step back, ask “where is my Higher Power in all of this?” and just I used to write a zine in the early 90’s called Fucking Cut It Out and a lot of my recovery seems to be centered around that motto. Stop. Give up. Let go or be dragged.

From the awesome Mr. Sponsorpants blog—why I need meetings:



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