showing up

Feeling much better today! I feel like I can introduce some raw veggies back into the mix. Have not had coffee since Thursday. I tried some decaf yesterday, and it bothered my stomach. My body has declared a cease-fire with coffee, apparently. Sigh.

Food Plan:

B smoothie (protein powder, almond milk, probiotic juice, strawberries), 1 slice ezekiel toast with 1 tbs almond butter

L big ass salad with tofu and pumpkin seeds and HSH dressing, soup (if hungry)

D soup, apple

S if needed, trail mix

Action plan: literature, prayer, meditation, blogging/writing, meet with AA sponsor for Big Book study, AA homegroup, sponsee calls

From Food For Thought today:

” Through this program, we are learning that we can only be responsible for ourselves. We cannot change anyone else. We can only work on ourselves. No matter how good our advice is, it is useful to someone else only if that person desires and requests it.” 

I can barely freaking handle being responsible for myself, never mind anyone else! Sometimes just the simple task of working the tools and the steps of both of my recovery programs feels exhausting. I was speaking with one of my sponsees last night about how some days, the bare minimum is more than enough. Just saying sober with the food and alcohol/drugs, calling my sponsor, going to a meeting and going to work is all I can handle. All I can handle is showing up. One of the earliest slogans that seemed to sink in for me was, “Suit Up And Show Up.” And later, “Suit Up And Shut Up.”




  1. So glad to hear you’re feeling better.

    The Food For Thought quote is exactly what I needed to see today. So much truth.

    Question: What kinds of soups have you been eating? I’ve sort of been in a soup slump and don’t have the energy to make my own. Have you found any good pre-made soups?

  2. So very happy you’re feeling better, and so very proud of how great your choices were while you weren’t feeling well. So, so good. Well done, sister. I also so much admire your action plan and how you consistently include these things – prayer/meditation, writing, literature, meetings – into your daily life.

    I’d love if you shared more about the logistics of how you prioritize it and get it all in. I so often get swept up in the momentum of the day, and before you know it the day is done, and maybe the most I’ve done is writing/blogging, but no meditation, no literature, etc. I very much want to figure out a routine to get it part of my regular schedule.

    To you and NG: I’d really love for you guys to share detailed information about your favorite salads, because I’m thinking I need to get some variety with mine. I eat the same salad every damn day. I still love it, and I really enjoy it, but I could use diversity of nutrients as well as flavors.

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