Day 14: Not a Diet or Calories Club

I am still plugging away on my 90-in-90 and it has been a most interesting experience so far. Today, I was given triple direction via the I Ching, the reading from Voices of Recovery and the meeting I attended.

There seems to be a streak of Big Book fundamentalism going on in quite a few of the phone meetings I’ve been attending. There was mention made of the tools of OA being “human intervention” and not being part of the “directions” given in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. It seems to me that the tools of OA are pretty much included in the Steps and are frequently indirectly referred to by the big book. The tools, according to OA’s website,, are:

A Plan of Eating
Action Plan

Most of the Steps include writing. They involve helping other compulsive overeaters or consulting with other compulsive overeaters, which would include sponsorship, meetings, telephone, action plan, anonymity AND service. Obviously the steps include literature, or there would be no steps. Even if we were ONLY to use the BB as part of our OA recovery, it’s still literature and therefore is a tool. Action plan is actually touched upon in the Big Book as well in Step 11. So it seems to be that the only tool that is not delineated by the BB is, surprise, a plan of eating. And technically, that could also be part of your Step 11 daily action plan. I feel like the plan of eating tool is the one where people get tripped up the most in our program…and it seems to be the one that sends some people out of the rooms, or into a shame spiral. The Plan of Eating tool is a tool, it is not the equivalent of abstinence and it is not a step in and of itself. Luckily, this is a program where you can take what you need and leave the rest.

Although I am hugely influenced by the BB, I think that fundamentalism of any kind is a slippery slope. Bill W. and the founders of AA obviously thought there was a need for other literature to enhance their program of recovery. And if I could find my HP in a book, I would have happily done so many years ago.


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