I have problems with unreasonable expectations, and that’s putting it mildly. I used to think that I was only hard on myself (due to my perfectionist tendencies) but lately I’ve realized that I frequently have all sorts of ridiculous, unspoken expectations about other people. This is fucking galling! You think you’re all humble and shit and well, you’re not. You’re secretly all kinds of whiny and demanding and passive aggressive and “If you don’t do my bidding, you will be sooooo sorry!.” Because I’m the Queen of Sheba, dontcha know? Letting go of expectations and trusting the process in the face of fear is…tough. And scary. And nail-bitingly weird.

And easier when I relax and stop trying to micromanage the entire Universe. Imagine that.

Now I am going to go explore the Baltimore Whole Foods and see what kind of vegan and abstinent food I can rassle up…I’m out here for a natural foods trade show, and it is disturbingly difficult to find healthy eats at a NATURAL FOODS TRADE SHOW. Uh, OK…what’s up with that?


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  1. I’ve noticed that about unearthing character defects too, once I ask HP to take it, I get to sit around watching myself do it over and over again. I guess that’s so I’ll get the point or something. It’s freaking embarrassing!


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