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I was at a meeting on Labor Day and I mentioned something to another woman (she was a recovering anorexic) about how grateful I am to not be working out for 6 hours a day anymore because I’m in recovery. This was in the context of a conversation about how holidays can be very triggering for people with eating disorders. I used to work out extra on holidays because I had the time and it kept me away from all of the celebratory meals, which always freaked me out. Her eyes got big and she said, “Oh, six hours? I only do 3. And that’s just so I can get to eat more.” I quickly tried to explain about how now I work out to stay healthy and it’s only within certain limits and I talk to my sponsor about it and so forth, but her eyes had glazed over and I could tell she was plotting her next trip to the gym. It sucked. I felt so bad, and felt like no matter what I said that the damage had been done.

If you have exercise problems, dear readers, get help! I ended up tearing a tendon because of my exercise addiction/bulimia and was in a wheelchair for almost half a year. I’m lucky that I can walk normally today. If I see that woman again, I will be sure to share about this because I hope that she never goes down that path.


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  1. Moderation is a word that seems to go right over the heads of people if they aren’t in recovery. (My opinion only)

    Exercise is a huge addiction for some people. It has all the life-damaging consequences as any other addiction too.

    Moderation is the key to everything in my life today.


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