Restaurant Review: Sambalatte

When I heard there was a 90’s style coffeehouse here in Las Vegas that had almond milk, I was all over it. Not only do they have almond and the usual soy, but they have rice milk as well. The coffee itself? Phenomenal. They use some sort of crazy complicated gravity drip system, and it’s smooth and rich and almost silky. It’s rather pricey, but truthfully I don’t care as it’s my only “luxury” item.

The decor is lovely, but it’s definitely very upscale. I was hanging out at Austin, TX coffeehouses in the 90’s and there was a definite punk rock, fuck-you-if-you-don’t-like-the-coffee vibe, a Jesus Lizard soundtrack and zines and piercing for everyone! Sambalatte is a little bougie, but have almond milk, will travel and brave the yuppie scum (she days, blogging on her smartphone). Let she who is without sin cast the first gluten-free scone…

Rumor has it that they will soon be adding vegan items to their menu as well! It always makes me happy to see local businesses catering to vegans.


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