Las Vegas Finally Has A Vegan Restaurant!

…and it’s called Pura Vida. I went to have brunch there with family and friends yesterday and it was fantastic. Perhaps not E2 compliant, but probably could be if you asked for no oil. Since I was getting breakfast food, I didn’t worry as much. I had a fabulous multi-grain Belgian waffle with real maple syrup, fresh fruit and vegan sausage. The sausage was so good that I could live on it. I’ve got a fake-meat fetish and I’m not afraid to use it! Although I’ve almost eliminated the amount of fake meat I eat in lieu of beans, beans and more beans, I really do enjoy it when I have it. My friends had the very yummy breakfast burrito, french toast (ridiculously, scary good) and a bagel with vegan cream cheese. Even my omnivorous little brother loved the food. He said the french toast was possibly the best he’d ever had. It actually tasted like they used Cuban bread and there were so many different layers of flavor: buttery, vanilla, chocolate, nutmeg, cinnamon, caramel and some others we couldn’t figure out. My friends also had a banana, peanut butter and chocolate smoothie which they loved as well as fresh squeezed orange pineapple juice. I like the fact that they serve alkaline water. This has nothing to do with the whole alkaline water craze (which frankly, I think is horseshit–I should write a completely separate post about that!) but more to do with the fact that Las Vegas has the most disgusting tap water in the country bar none. It was nice to be able to drink something that didn’t taste like chlorinated dish water with a side of chalky alkali flat. Especially since it’s like a thousand degrees right now here in hell.

The portions were massive, the prices are very reasonable and they serve organic, fair trade coffee with coconut creamer. What more could I ask for? I also loved how the outside reminded me of Little Havana back home (it helps that the chef is a fellow Cubana). I will definitely be going back for lunch AND dinner. It’s not too far from the Strip for those who are visiting our fair city of Lost Wages, and I think even the most hardcore meat-eater will find something to like there. Pura Vida has only been open for a week and the menu is limited, but I am excited to see the full menu when they roll it out. Best of all, I don’t have to worry about asking to make things vegan or begging them not to rub my potato down with butter.  Ironically, the space where Pura Vida is now located used to be Cool’s Barbecue. Change is good.


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