Book Review: Angry Fat Girls

I’ve decided that I am far too mentally tired to delve into the intricacies of phytoestrogens and I would much rather read regency romance novels, do yoga and watch Wild Flag videos on YouTube. Work has been extremely busy lately and full of all sort of science-y, technical details that are making my brain feel like a bowl of overcooked oatmeal. Hearty, yet gelatinous, muzzy and somehow vaguely gross.

When I’m not burying my head in the heaving, scantily clad sand that is Regency Romance, I’ve been reading an excellent book called Angry Fat Girls by Frances Kuffel, the author of Passing For Thin (a favorite of mine). It tells the story of 5 different women and their struggle with relapse and weight gain after major weight losses. The book smoothly alternates between the voices of these 5 women and their stories over the period of a calendar year. Frances has a wonderful writing style: clear, crisp, lyrical and occasionally sardonic. This is a nonfiction book that reads like a novel, and while many people unsuccessfully attempt this, Frances most definitely succeeds (well, in my opinion, at least). As someone who has gained and lost hundreds of pounds during relapse due to eating disorders and addiction, I could absolutely relate to this book. The final two sentences of the book really struck me: “My desire, now, is to be neither fat nor angry anymore, and to be the girl I imagine in the risky, quiet moments. I hope that anger leaves us all and that we each find our own light.” Right on, sister.



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