Forks Over Knives: Review

I finally got sick of hearing my fellow vegans talk about Forks Over Knives, so I bit the bullet and went to see it. It was both better and worse than I expected. I went on a Sunday at 11am and the theater was half full, which was a very pleasant surprise. It was also full of people eating huge ass buckets of popcorn and soda. Hey, I can relate. One of my favorite foods before I became vegan was popcorn with extra butter (which I still miss sometimes).

I did enjoy the way that all of the statistics were presented, because there is nothing worse than sitting through a documentary where someone points to a cumbersome, snore-worthy chart of numbers (cough An Inconvenient Truth cough cough). It did feel very disjointed and all over the place to me–kind of an assault of information with no narrative flow whatsoever. Documentaries should still tell a story and be coherent. Enjoyed it a lot more than Food Inc., also felt like it definitely didn’t tiptoe around the meat and dairy issue like many movies in this genre.The problem that I see with movies like this is the hitting you over the head with a hammer message of “one road to health”. There’s many roads to health when you become vegan (or even if you are omnivorous) and one road does not fit all. If I put my thin, wiry, fast-metabolism best friend on a low-fat, vegan diet, she would shrivel up and die. She really does well with way more plant fats than I do. I swear the woman could live and thrive on avocados and nuts, whereas I would be a fat, sluggish, snarly wreck.

I’ve been playing with the idea of writing a health and wellness blog lately, but screw it. I won’t be able to swear and I’m too all over the damn place anyway. I can barely keep up with one blog, never mind two. Never been one to really care if I have tons of readers anyway. I also dislike the idea of telling people what to do as far as health and wellness or being seen as any kind of authority. Everyone has to find their own way–it’s certainly taken me enough time to find my own way in spite of conflicting messages, dietary propaganda, naysayers and the crazy eating disorder voices in my own head. Even in my professional capacity as a nutritional consultant, I don’t tell people what to do. I try to present them with various options and help them weed through what will work best for them individually. One size definitely does not fit all.


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