Engine 2 Diet: Update

Since becoming vegan for real this time (I am a chronic relapser), I’ve lost 8 pounds. Yup, that’s it. My cholesterol went from 220 to 178, which was good, and my blood sugar went from pre-diabetic to normal. My blood pressure has always been low, and it’s still low. All other markers were great on my last blood work, execept for thyroid (and now I’m on meds and feel like a thousand times better).

After getting sick of being a fat vegan and wanting to lower my cholesterol more, I started the Engine 2 no-oil protocol in April and so far I’ve lost 21 more pounds, for a total of 29 pounds. definitely went off of the rails after my father died in May, but I managed to maintain my weight even when eating erratically, which is a miracle for me. 29 pounds down, 96 to go. I feel discouraged just typing that, but I have to trust the process and just fucking do it. No calorie counting, no obsessing, no crazy ritualized exercise routines that kill me. Just whole plant foods that make me happy, eating moderately and when I am hungry, going to support group meetings and doing what I like for exercise. No hurting animals or myself. I caught myself wanting to go into the side of the gym yesterday where all of the bodybuilders work out and I restrained myself. I’m working on healing right now, both physically and mentally, and I need to exercise but not go into a tailspin of compulsive over-exercise. Moderation. Yikes!


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