Welcome to Queen of the Darned

This is my brand-spankin’ new blog, Queen of the Darned. My old blog was collateral damage due to the Great Hacking of 2011, during which I lost access to my gmail, Facebook and blogger accounts all at the same time. Thanks a lot, hacker jerkoffs! I hope you enjoyed being mocked by my friends, all of whom know I am too damn broke to be in London being held up at gunpoint.

So why Queen of the Darned?  Las Vegas puts holes in all of my socks, and darning seems to be one of many lost arts these days. Queen of the Damned sucked so bad as a movie that it should have been called Queen of the Darned. And I do love me some sock monkeys. Plus it was way too tempting to start a quasi-anonymous blog for all of my rantings and self-indulgent babble.  Enjoy, bitches!


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